Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flipgigs?
Flipgigs is a talent based marketplace. It puts consumers and employers directly in contact with smart and motivated student or part-time Flipgiggers that are eager to take on your gig or job. Consumers can save money by hiring Flipgiggers for your simple tasks like running errands, organizing events, bartending at your private event, performing at your event, being a mother's helper or babysitting etc. Businesses can save on costs while hiring students and part-timers that are motivated and eager to build a portfolio of work and earn money on the side.
Who are Flipgiggers?
Flipgiggers are smart talented students and part-timers who provide their services using our site. They can provide one or more services based on their talents and experience. Anyone can search and browse these services and contact them directly to get a task done.
What are gigs?
Gigs are tasks created by consumers like me and you that are looking for motivated and talented students or part-timers. They hope to save money by getting quality, near professional work for a fraction of the cost. From babysitting, to being a mother's help to petsitting, to lawn care, computer work, sports instruction, tutoring, help with events, to getting meals cooked there is an endless list of gigs that students or part-timers can do.
What are jobs?
Jobs are posted by businesses or companies that are looking to hire students or part-timers. Jobs stay open for 60 days after which it would need to be reposted.
What happens to jobs posted?
Flipgiggers can directly contact employers by browsing through jobs that interest them. They can email, call and even ask questions interactively about the job that they want to apply to.
What is the difference between gigs and jobs?

Gigs are generally tasks or errands floated by consumers. They can range from getting a student bartender or server to help out someone with a private party or getting a student to offer tuition, or babysit or help clean the garage, mow the lawn, do a Taylor Swift or Katy Perry gig at a birthday party, get a varsity tennis player to tutor kids etc.

Jobs are usually posted by employers who are looking to fill positions by tapping a talented student and part-timer workforce. This can range from being a barista at a coffee shop, a camp counselor at a summer camp, a market research assistant at a Startup, a cashier at a grocery store, a sales or retail position , a programmer or designer for an early stage startup or an Intern at a large firm.

What should one be careful about while posting gigs, jobs and services?
Please keep in mind that Flipgigs is constantly monitoring the site and will remove anything is flagged , reported or is found inappropriate. Please help us make the user experience a good one and use your common sense to not use abusive , inappropriate language. While posting services, jobs and gigs, please keep in mind that Flipgigs will not allow any adult or erotic services or gigs to be posted here. We are building a educated motivated community of s Flipgiggers and the idea is to create exciting work opportunities for them that enable them to make money on the side while gaining valuable experience.
What if there is a disagreement between parties?
If there is a disagreement between parties please feel free to report a dispute over a specific gig. Send email to We are happy to hear from you and to provide any help!
What to do if you observe inappropriate content posted on our site?
If you happen to see any content that is inappropriate please report abuse to us. We will remove responses that are flagged. As with any online community that is driven by user content, there will always be mis-use . We can absolutely use your help to make our website a wonderful experience.
How much does it cost?

We do not charge anything to post gigs or services at all. While Flipgigs is still in Beta we will not be charging any fees to the consumer on accepting a bid for the gig he/she posted. However, after the Beta period is over, we will start charging a very nominal finder's fee when a consumer has accepted a bid or in other words has found a Flipgigger to execute the job.

Flipgigs is completely free for a Flipgigger to post services or find a job.

For jobs as opposed to gigs, we do charge a flat job posting fee to employers and businesses at the time jobs are posted

What should I do to edit or cancel a gig or service?
You can withdraw a gig or service as long as it is still open. If a gig is already completed it is too late to cancel the post.
How does the Flipgigger get ratings, reviews and recommendation on their profile ?
Consumers are strongly advise to write a recommendation or review once a gig has been completed by a Flipgigger.
How will the Flipgigger and Consumer contact each other once a gig has been accepted?
When a service or gig has been posted, Flipgigs does not allow you to enter contact numbers or email addresses. Once a gig is accepted then Flipgigs sends the contact details to either parties.
Can my gig expire ? What happens to it after that ?
Yes, gig postings will automatically expire after 90 days. The post will not be visible to anyone after that period.
When/how does a Flipgigger get paid?
The consumer will pay the Flipgigger directly for a gig. Payments do not go through Flipgigs.
What would consumers be interested to know before accepting a bid from a Flipgigger?
Consumers would definitely want to know if you are skilled or talented so please make sure to complete your profile after registration. They are most likely to look at ratings and reviews so please make sure to request recommendation from those who have used your services. When posting services make it very interesting and add a lot of details. Add photos or videos related to your skill so consumers can get a better idea of how talented or skilled you are.
How should you respond to a consumer's private message?

Consumers may have questions even if you have provided a clear description and included a quote. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the gig, more discussion is required before a clear quote can be provided.

These conversations are private to the two of you. You will not be able to exchange telephone numbers or email addresses or any other contact information. Once a bid is selected we will send the contact details to both parties so both parties can discuss further.